Chorlton Plant Swap

Chorlton Plant Swap has been running since 2008, helping people in south Manchester to swap their surplus plants and seeds.
We swap online all year round on our Facebook group: Please join us there!
We also try to run live swaps in south Manchester in spring, summer and autumn. If you know of any events where we could hold a stall, please let us know by emailing Danielle at [email protected].

Our next live plant swap - as opposed to swapping via the Facebook group - is:
Saturday 21 June 2020 at Chorlton's Great Get Together when a section of Wilbraham Road is closed to the public. However it may be that large-scale events are not being undertaken. Information will be given on our social media.


leaflet with propagation info

Pick up a leaflet with some free seeds and find out how to propagate plants so you'll have loads to share.  You can make new plants by collecting and sowing seeds, by taking cuttings and by dividing existing plants. Why spend money when you don't need to? You'll also save on paying for and over-accumulating endless plastic pots. Win-win. You can download a copy of the leaflet here, although we can't send you free digital seeds ;-)